Hostel Essentials Packing List for Girl Students in 2023

In this article, we are sharing Hostel Essentials Packing List for Girl Students that you should consider once before going to your hostel.

You can take a few of them from your home to the hostel that are very essential for you and later when you reached there you can order the rest of the hostel essentials there.

We have mentioned almost every hostel essential for girls. You may decide whether that is essential for you or not and take them with you to your hostel.

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Quick Checklist

Here is a quick checklist for Hostel Essentials Packing List for Girl Students. You can use it during packing. We have added a few more products which you can totally ignore if you think that it is not necessary for you.

Hostel EssentialsBest Product on Amazon
PhoneBest Phone under 13K
Charger & PowerBankCroma (TATA) Power Bank
Headphone (with charger)Best Bluetooth Oneplus Earphones
4 Sets of InnerwearBuy your choice
Formal Clothes and BeltBuy of your Choice
Daily use clothes (4 sets)Take it from home
Sanitary Pads (with newspaper)Shop on Amazon
Wrist WatchShop on Amazon
Documents (Adhaar Card, 10th/12th Certificate,
Passport Size Photo, Debit/Atm Card, etc)
Best File for Your Documents
Stationery Items (Stapler with pins, Sellotape,
Fevicol Eraser, Pen, Highlighter etc)
Cello Desk Station
Formal shoes, Bathroom Slippers, ShoesChoose on Amazon
3 Pairs SocksChoose on Amazon
StolesChoose on Amazon
Dusting cloth (3)Take it from Home
First Aid Box (medicines, bandages,
antiseptic creams, cotton, Eno, thermometer, etc)
First Aud Box
Head Roll-onZandu Roll-On for Headache
Nail CutterBest Nail Cutters
Shampoo and ConditionerMamaearth Onion Anti Hairfall Combo
(Shampoo and Conditioner)
Hair Serum and Hair oilMamaearth Onion Hair Oil for
Hair Growth & Hair Fall Control
Body Wash/soap (with soap case), FacewashMamaearth Ubtan Body Wash
With Turmeric & Saffron
Cloth Washing Powder, Soap and BrushTide Plus Double Power Detergent
Towel and HandkerchiefBath & Swim Soft Towel
Makeup KitTYA Makeup Kit + 5 Pcs Makeup Brush
+ 2 Pc Blender Puff Combo
Glasses (with box)Take it from home
SnacksBuy it nearby
Some plastic bagsTake it from home
Umbrella/raincoatFolding Umbrella
2 Bedsheet, 4 pillow covers and
a thick bedsheet for cold weather
Take it from Home or buy it nearby
DoormatAnti Slip Floor Door Mat
Locks with keysGodrej Lock with 3 Keys
Laundry/Groceries bagTake it from Home
Cloth Drying Rope with ClipsRope Wire for Drying with Hanging
Clips 10 Pcs & 1 Cutter
Extension BoardPanasonic Spike Guard 4-Way Socket
Thread & Needle Buy it nearby
Good Night (Mosquito), Agarbatti and MatchesMosquito Killer Machine Trap Lamp
Iron for Pressing ClothesUSHA Armor AR1100WB 1100 W Dry Iron
Sanitiser, Masks, HandwashBuy it nearby
Sling Bag and ClutchBuy it nearby
Water Bottles (2-1 litre and 1-500ml)Buy it nearby
Plate, Bowl, Glass and SpoonBuy it nearby
Toothpicks, Earbuds and RazorBuy it nearby
Hand mirrorBuy it nearby
Toothpaste and toothbrushesBuy it nearby
Bucket and mugBuy it nearby
Curtain, Table clothBuy it nearby
Mattress and pillowBuy it nearby
Organisers boxBuy it nearby
Table clock & LampBuy it nearby

Phone, Charger & PowerBank

Mobile Phones have become an important part of our life. It can help you to find routes, pay bills, access the internet and call obviously.

So if phones are allowed in your hostels and you want to take them there, then don’t forget to take your phone’s charger and a power bank (if possible) because if there is any power cut or your charging point is occupied by your roommate power bank will help your mobile charge.

Earphone/Headphone (with charger)

If you watch videos or listen to music earphones are one of the necessary electronics in hostels.

It is not necessary that you and your roommates like the same video and music. So having a pair of earphones will help you to enjoy or watch lectures without disturbing your roommates.


Important Documents you should take to your hostel are:

  • Government Id Card (Adhaar Card),
  • 10th/12th Marksheet and Certificate,
  • Passport Size Photo,
  • Debit/Atm Card, etc

Also, keep scan copies of all the documents in our Google Drive or any other cloud storage.

Clothes (Innerwear, Daily Use, Formal, Dusting Cloth, Towel)

4 Sets of Innerwear: Taking 4 sets of Innerwear is good for everyone because if the weather is rainy it will take time to dry.

Daily Use Clothes (4 sets): Don’t forget to take daily use clothes which you can leave comfortably in your hostel.

Formal Clothes and Belt: Take clothes which you will use to go to college. If you wear formal then take it. You can use it for your college and interviews.

3 Dusting Cloth: Take 3-4 dusting cloths to your hostel. You can use them to clean dust from your books, table, bags, clean your shoes etc.

Towel and Handkerchief: Take towel and handkerchief.

Bedsheet. Pillow Covers, Doormats

  • 2 Bedsheet,
  • 4 pillow covers
  • and a thick bedsheet for cold weather

Cloth Washing Powder, Soap and Brush

Take washing powder, washing soap and washing brush for washing your clothes in the hostel.

Shoes, Slippers, & Socks

Formal shoes: If you have taken formal clothes, don’t forget to take formal shoes or take shoes for your college.

3 Pairs Socks: Take socks for your shoes.

Slippers: Take a pair of slippers which you can use in the hostel.

Soap, Facewash, Hair Oil, Shampoo

Body Wash/soap (with soap case): Take your body wash or soap with a soap case for bathing.

Facewash: Take a facewash if you use it to wash your face.

Shampoo & Conditioner: Take shampoo to wash your hair.

Hair Oil: Take hair oil for your hair.

Stationery Items

Free Photo of Planner and Writing Materials Stock Photo

Important Stationery items that you should take to your hostel are:

  • Stapler with pins,
  • Sellotape, Fevicol
  • Eraser,
  • Pen,
  • Highlighter etc
  • Files to keep documents
  • Books & Copies with rough pages

If something should be added, please let us know in the comments.

First Aid Box

Important items for your First Aid Box are:

  • medicines,
  • bandages,
  • antiseptic creams,
  • cotton,
  • Eno,
  • thermometer, etc

Makeup Kit

Take the makeup items you use for your makeup.

Comment and let us know what are your makeup secrets.

Glasses (with box)

If you use power glasses take them with your case.

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