Hi! First of all, thank you so much for visiting our blog.

With HealthyButary.com our mission is to help people achieve freedom and their dream life in this stressful world.

I am sure, you would agree with us, the world is getting very competitive day by day. Everybody is running these days to get the best opportunities in their life. This heavy competition is creating panic in everyone’s life, and we completely ignore finance and health.

The main pillars of happiness, I believe are:

  • Good Family Finance;
  • and healthy body!

These two pillars of life are highly interlinked with each other! And I have a huge belief that without good health you can’t have a healthy mindset to achieve big financial goals. And without good finance, it’s difficult these days to maintain a healthy lifestyle as things are so expensive these days.

Yeah, We are sure, many people will tell you no you don’t need money to have a healthy body. But those good old days are gone, and things are way too expensive, and without good money in pocket we feel terrible, our confidence level decreases way too much, and we start talking too much stress.

No, We are not going to teach you how to have a fit lifestyle with no money.

Instead, We are going to help you to work on two things:

  • how to be fit and active
  • family finance tips like how to earn side income to full income online so that you can easily afford a good healthy lifestyle with NO stress at all!

So, Now.. From today Promise us, that you will work with us on these two life pillars:

  • Recipes
  • Good Finance

and will make your life perfect, just like you always dream. Yes! You can 100% do it, I have full confidence in you.

How to Start?

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  1. Earn Money Online (in this segment you will find all about blogging, affiliate marketing, freelancing which we have learnt from our experiences)
  2. Recipes (here you will find healthy recipes list all at one place which you can cook)

Who Are we:

HealthyButary, a blog on health and fitness, provides an online forum for medical professionals and the long-term athletic population to share their ideas, research studies and experiences.

HealthyButary features a blog on various topics, including weight loss diet plans, fitness programs, supplements & nutrition plans, heart diseases, arthritis reliefs, and many more.

Here, you can find reviews and recommendations of organic skincare products, fitness equipment, supplements, exercise equipment like resistance bands or weighted vests to help you improve strength and muscle tone in only a few minutes per day.

How We Earn:

We care about a healthy lifestyle! And we love writing about it. Therefore, our scientific and rigorous research and team help us to write about any health and fitness-related product.

We are a part of the amazon affiliate program. Therefore, we list and review health and fitness-related products and accessories while providing you with detailed first-hand information about the product. Any purchase redirected through our website helps us earn affiliate revenue. 

We have no hidden agendas, and our information is free of cost for readers. Our sole purpose is to help you reach your desired accessory or product and provide useful fitness-related information. By advertising products, we generate revenue that helps us maintain and update the website for you.

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