5 Amazing Hair Oils in India under Rs 249 that You Should Try in 2023

5 Toxin-Free Hair Oils in India to get rid of hair fall and hair thinning under Rs 249. Best Natural and budget-friendly hair oils in India.

Dry, Oily, Rough, or Curly. No matter what your hair type is? Hair oil is an important part of any hair care routine.

However, it is even more important to choose the hair oil which is

  • Free from artificial chemicals
  • Suits your hair type
  • And also budget friendly

If you thought that toxins free products are always costly then let HealtyButary break the myth as in the article we are going to share with you the 5 Amazing Hair Oil in India that are

  • 100% Safe
  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • Under Rs. 249

#2 will surprise you as it is under Rs 99. For your ease, I have listed them here in the table below. But If you want to look for more good options, just go through this article.

TNW Onion Hair OilBuy on Amazon
Baidyanath MahaBhringhraj OilBuy on Amazon
Nature’s Absolute Amla Hair OilBuy on Amazon
Patanjali VADMANS Divya Kesh TailaBuy on Amazon
Kerala Ayurveda Neelibringadi KeramBuy on Amazon
Hair Oils in India under Rs 249

Which Hair oil do you use? Have you ever gone through its ingredient list? Know the reality of the most popular hair oils in the Indian market.

You will be shocked to know that 9 out of 10 brands in India are simply trying to capitalise on the age-old herbs without actually providing what they claim. These hair oils have petroleum drive substances, Hair damaging chemicals and even Hair fall promoting chemicals.

Using search cheap hair oils may provide you with this short-term oily texture to your hair but weaken the hair in the long run.

Then there are brands that are selling you you are toxins in the name of Ayurveda and Herbals. Some hide their oil base. For this list, we have rejected many such brands.

To solve this issue we have researched and found 5 hair oils that are not 100% natural but are also quite budget-friendly.

Starting with number #5 (hair oil under 249)

TNW Onion Hair Oil

tnw onion hair oil
TNW Onion Hair Oil Under Rs. 249

Buy on Amazon

Onion oils are a new rage, and why not? Onions have sulphur in it that helps build Collagen which promotes hair growth.

Benefits of TNW Onion Hair Oil

  • Encourages hair growth
  • Give strength to hair stands
  • Helps to eliminate dandruff
  • Nourishes hair follicles & scalp
  • Give frizz-free hair
  • Paraben-Free product
  • Mild & sweet fragrance
  • Made with 19 essential oils
  • Non-sticky formula
  • No artificial colourants

TNW is prepared with 19 different essential oils that include Onion and Aleo vera extract and are free from all toxins stuff. It comes with a Comb applicator as well as it is suitable for all hair types.

Buy On Amazon
 Commercial brands with Artificial fragrance and Harsh Preservatives
Commercial brands with Artificial fragrances and Harsh Preservatives

However, be aware most commercial brands just market their hair oil products in the name of onion without actually providing the real thing.

For example, this Emami’s Kesh King hair oil has

  • Artificial colours,
  • Artificial fragrance and
  • Harsh Preservatives
Emami’s Kesh King hair oil

We need to understand oils being non-reactive can easily be kept for a fairly long period of time without any preservatives.

Such chemicals won’t help you to get the benefit of herbal oil.

Other than commercial brands there are also some other genuine options available as well. For example Seer Secrets Onion Hair oil and Luxura Sciences Onion Hair oil.

Onion Hair Oil under Rs. 400
 Onion Hair Oil under Rs. 400
Onion Hair Oil under Rs. 400

All these Onion Hair oils can actually curb your hair issues. Try them out.

Next on the list is Baidyanath MahaBhringhraj Tel.

Baidyanath MahaBhringhraj Tel

Bhringhraj hair oil

Baidyanath MahaBhringhraj Hair Oil is among the top Ayurvedic hair oils to stop

  • Hair fall
  • Dandruff
  • Split ends
  • Dull and frizzy hairs
  • and other related hair problems

It’s medicated and classical formulation for all hair types prepared using 15 invaluable herbs like

  • Bhringhraj
  • Red sandalwood
  • Nagkesar
  • Anantmool
  • with base of sesame oil
Buy on Amazon

Taken from Ayurved SARSANGRAHA. It has this amazing property to restore the hydrolipidic film of the scalp skin. That improves hair thickness and smoothness.

Bhringhraj is it Hero ingredient and why not?

It’s a miracle herb for hair so effective that most brand today market their best hair oil product in its name. But what I say is what’s there in a name?

For instance, this Khadi’s Natural Ayurvedic Bhringraj Hair Oil looks promising but it’s very fast ingredient is light liquid paraffin Mineral oil that is a Potent Cancer-Causing Petroleum Product.

Similarly, the BIOTIQUE’s Bio Bhringraj Oil mentions 100% Botanical extract but mentions only 12% of its ingredients in its back. God knows what are their 88% ingredients.

Rey’s Natural Advanced Bhringraj onion hair oil has unwanted Fillers.

Products like these take undue advantage of people’s good intentions. Never fall for Search marketing strategies.

Bhringhraj hair oil
Commercial Brands with harsh chemicals

So it’s always smart to check a product individually rather than blindly following the brand.

Here are some other good options of Bhringraj Hair Oil without chemicals and harsh preservatives.

Number #3 in the list is Nature’s Absolute Amla Hair Oil

Nature’s Absolute Amla Hair Oil

This amla oil by nature’s absolutes is rich in essential nutrients and is especially beneficial for improving the quality of your hair.

Nature’s absolutes use only the highest quality ingredients to ensure that their amla oil’s purity is maintained.

Buy on Amazon

But why is Nature’s Absolute? Why not Nihar Naturals Amla Hair Oil which is dirt cheap and readily available offline?

Well, the answer lies in the question itself. Yes, it’s Dirt Cheap. The ingredients speak for themselves. 64% of its is Mineral oil, 35% of its have vegetable oil and Amla oil, and the rest 1% have almond oil, artificial fragrance, harmful preservatives that include TBHQ and synthetics colours.

Nihar Santi Amla

“Amla Hair Oil with Goodness of Almonds” is a joke that nobody is laughing at.

And why blame only Nihar Naturals, this narrative is true for most of the commercial Amla Hair Oil like Patanjali Kesh Kanti Amla Hair Oil, Bajaj Amla Hair Oil. All they do is hire a popular face and about the rest, they are least bothered. It is very said that these become popular hair oil in India.

Other good options for Amla Hair Oil, that are free from toxins and harmful preservatives.

Next time, when you looking for an Amla oil don’t look who is selling it but rather look at what they are selling?

Now let’s go to the #2 in the list.

Patanjali Divya Kesh Taila

Well here well under Rs. 249 is great but what about an option that is under Rs. 99. Well, Patanjali Diya Kesh Taila is one such option that is not only pocket friendly but can also be easily available in the offline market.

It is made using 17 herbs that include

  • Bhringhraj
  • Amla
  • Brahmi
  • Ratanjot
  • Nagarmotha
  • Jatamansi in a base of Sesame Oil.

It is worth every penny spent.

PATANJALI Divya Kesh Tailum - 100ml - (Pack of 1) Hair Oil
Patanjali Divya Kesh Taila
Ingredients of Patanjali Divya Kesh Taila

The careful blend of hair-friendly herbs will help you to get relief from most hair problems that include dandruff, dull hair, split ends and weak hairs.

However, this doesn’t mean that all Patanjali products and hair oils are alike. Even most of them aren’t worth for your precious hair. Don’t waste your money on them. Instead, pick Divya Kesh Taila that is truly Ayurvedic with no Paraben, EDTAs, artificial colours and preservatives in it.

Now moving to our #1 pick for Best Hair Oil in India under Rs. 249.

Kerala Ayurveda Neelibringadi Keram

Kerala Ayurveda Neelibringadi Keram hair oil which might not have picked the trend yet but its miraculous benefits are well elaborated in the Ayurvedic scriptures.

  • Prevents premature greying of hair,
  • improves hair strength
  • promotes hair growth
  • Prevents hair fall,
  • has anti-dandruff and anti-fungal properties
Buy on Amazon
Neelibringadi Keram Hair Oil
Ingredients of Neelibringadi Keram

With the goodness of Indigo, Bhringraj, Amla, Licorice in the base of cow’s milk and coconut oil. This Hair oil particularly addresses the imbalanced pitta dosha that is the root cause of most hair problems.

Traditionally used to encourage healthy hair and better sleep it cools the head and calms the mind making it an excellent choice for massaging the scalp.

Comparing it with Navratna hair oil might give us an instant cooling sensation but the synthetic Red and Green colours over a period of time are likely to weaken the hairs.

Navratna Hair Oil

Even another so-called Ayurvedic Hair Oil like Emami Kesh King oil is no different. They add artificial colours and harmful chemicals and preservatives in their oils.

Emami Kesh King Hair Oil

On the other hand, Neelibringadi Keram Hair Oil is considered premature greying hair. It’s not like Bajaj Zero Grey hair oil which shamelessly added 72% mineral oil along with artificial fragrance and cosmetic colours.

Forget reversing grey hair. Using it regularly chances are that there isn’t any hair left.

Ingredients of Bajaj Zero Grey Hair Oil

Neelibhrungaadi hair oil by Nagarjuna has the same formulation as of Kerala Ayurveda Neelibringadi Keram but with sesame oil as the base.

It is equally good as Kerala Ayurveda Neelibringadi Keram Hair Oil.

So choose the gimmicks out and choose the original one.

Buy on Amazon

So these are the five hair oil that we feel you should definitely try. And we can proudly say that all the hair oil mentioned above are made in India.

We want to confirm that whatever we have written in this article is taken from Fituber and his honest opinions. None of the featured brands has paid HealthyButary. We are not with or against any Brands. We have linked all these five hair oils above this article.

Basic Cold Pressed Hair Oils

Cold Pressed Oils are able to retain the nutrients while hot-pressed oils lose their nutritional value since they are subjected to very high temperatures.

Cold-pressed oils are richer in vitamins and nutrients that can strengthen your hair and nourish your scalp. We have mentioned some of the basic Cold Pressed Hair Oils that should be once considered as per need.

Max Care Virgin Coconut OilHot Humid WeatherBuy on Amazon
Carbamide Forte Coconut OilHot Humid Weather Buy on Amazon
Hamdard Roghan Badam Shirin Almond OilDandruff Prone HairBuy on Amazon
UPAKARMA Ayurveda Almond Rogan OilDandruff Prone Hair Buy on Amazon
Kold Pure Press Premium Mustard OilRough Hair and Cold WeatherBuy on Amazon
True Oils Mustard OilRough Hair and Cold Weather Buy on Amazon
Rey Naturals Premium Castor OilFaster Hair GrowthBuy on Amazon
Soulflower Castor Hair OilFaster Hair Growth Buy on Amazon
Cold Pressed Hair Oils in India

Commonly found harmful chemicals in hair oil are mentioned below:

  • Mineral oil or LLP or Light Liquid Paraffin (Petroleum Product)
  • Artificial fragrance or fragrance or perfume are sugandhit dravya
  • CI ABCD where ‘ABCD is numeric (cosmetic colours)
  • Phenoxethanol (Alcohol)
  • BHT (preservative)
  • TBHQ (preservatives)
  • Isopropyl Myristate (additive)
  • Piroctone Olamine (additive)
  • Isomyl Burate (an emollent)

Whenever you are out to buy a hair oil check the label and if you find any of these commonly found harmful chemicals in hair oil, then skip it.

5 Amazing Hair Oils in India under Rs 249 that You Should Try in 2022

General FAQs

Is Mineral Oil good for hair & the skin?

Recent research has shown that a lot of toxic substances can be present in mineral oil, which can also increase your risk of cancer. Hence it is not good for hair and skin.

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